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Monthly Leaders Luncheon



Welcome to the Monthly Leaders Luncheon group.

Everyone who has ever owned or managed a small business, knows that it can sometimes be difficult to juggle every aspect of building the business while trying to make it successful. So how do you find new prospects for your business while at the same time balancing out all of the responsibilities? Business experts say networking is the key to staying alive these days.

The goal of the Monthly Leaders Luncheon is to create and maintain effective networking by building personal and professional relationships with other members while exchanging leads, referrals and business tips. The Monthly Leaders Luncheon group meets only once a month on the first Tuesday at the St. Cloud Chamber of Commerce at 12 noon. We exchange leads, discuss opportunities and continue to build strong relationships. Each member of the group is in a category exclusive role, meaning  that there are no competing business within the group. This group is the only group at the St. Cloud Chamber that meets once a month. So, you ask, if you only meet once a month, how many leads can you possibly be exchanging? The Monthly Leaders Luncheon group has this website, on which leads can be tracked and exchanged anytime via email.

Let us help your business be more successful.


Welcome To MLL!


St. Cloud Chamber's only monthly leads group. We meet the 1st Tuesday of every month at 12N, at St. Cloud Chamber of Commerce.


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